3B Junior Tamaranai Video ~Kirakira-hen~ (3B Junior たまらないビデオ〜キラキラ編〜) is the DVD release of the third live concert of 3Bjunior, 3B junior no Machiawase wa Harajuku de!! (3B juniorの待ち合わせは原宿で!!). The concert was held on December 27, 2009 at the Belle époque College of Beauty in Harajuku. The concert was released on March 22, 2010 for a limited amount of time.


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Set ListEdit

The DVD release only contains select parts of the concert.

Disc 1Edit

Bonus Material:

  • 1.) Self Introductions & Making of the BLT Photo Album (自己紹介&BLT写真集メイキング)
  • 2.) Choreography Teaching Videos (振り付け講座):
  • 3.) Bonus Videos (おまけ映像):
    • Moonwalk Challenge! (ムーンウォークにチャレンジ!)
    • Yuuko Takayama's Backstage Report (高山侑子の楽屋探訪)

Featured MembersEdit

In the early years, each member of 3Bjunior was given an attendance number, which is similar to the numbering scheme used by Ebichuu. Generally, age decreases as the attendance number increases.

Total Members: 49

Featured GroupsEdit

Appearing, but not Performing in this Release:

Release and Broadcast InformationEdit


  • Release Date: March 22, 2010
  • Oricon: Never charted
  • Certification: None

TV Broadcast

  • Unknown or Nonexistant


  • The concert venue is next to Yoyogi Park.
  • The bonus features are nearly twice as long as the actual concert.


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