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3B Junior, 3-B jr., Sannen B-Gumi (3年B組)

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2006-2014 (as 3Bjunior)
2014 - present (as Section 3 Idol)




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Momoiro Clover Z
Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku
Team Syachihoko
Takoyaki Rainbow

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For the 26-member idol group project established in 2014, see 3B junior (New Project)

3Bjunior[1][2][3][4] (also written as 3B Junior and 3-B jr.) was the rookie training department under the Stardust Promotion Entertainment Section 3 talent agency. Originally it was the company's section dedicated to train their female talents under 18 years of age, such as giving them acting lessons.[5] The talents were distributed into models, actresses and idols.[5] As of 2014, however, 3Bjunior was reorganized into an independent department that specializes only in idols.[2][6]

After the reorganization, the umbrella term Section 3 Idol is used to refer to all idol groups under Section 3.[7] Management also prefers to use the term 3B.[8][2] 3Bjunior is rebooted as a new 26-member idol training project and have started their activity since November 2014.[9]

3Bjunior is supervised by Ryoji Fujishita, who also acts as the managing director of Stardust Promotion section 3, the founder of 3Bjunior and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku's chairman.[6] The oldest member Reni Takagi acted as their leader.[10][6][11]

The current 3Bjunior is listed under 3B junior (New Project) page to avoid confusion.

Group NotesEdit

  • 3Bjunior was the rookie training department of Stardust Promotion Section 3. The group was originally created to showcase the result of their everyday lessons as a rookie talent trainee in their annual live show.[2]
  • All of rookie models, idols and actresses of Stardust Section 3 under 18 years of age originally belonged to 3Bjunior.[2]
  • The group was founded by Stardust Section 3 Managing Director Ryoji Fujishita. The group was named as such because they're the children from section 3 (3部, San-Bu), hence 3Bjunior.[2][5]
  • 3Bjunior had been officially reorganized in 3Bjunior LIVE FINAL: Ore no Fujii 2014 live concert in January 4, 2014, to construct a better idol department in which the idols are clearly separated from actress and model, since idol activities in section 3 was becoming more prominent.[6]
  • 3Bjunior theme song is Nanairo no Stardust.[6]


2006-2007:Early 3-BEdit

3Bjunior Mini Event August 2006

3-B Mini Event on August 5, 2006.

Stardust 2007

Section 3 talents on their official website around August 2007, including earliest 3Bjunior members namely Haruki, Momona, Rio, Rin, Runa, Natsuo, Kanon, Takayama, Emi, Yuki, Seira, Momoko, Yuko, Yuka and Reni

Stardust Promotion is known for their attempt to idol industry by forming ANGEL EYES in 1997.[12] ANGEL EYES starred in the children training and dance TV program titled Harajuku Launchers in 2000.[12][13] Several ANGEL EYES members have become renowned stars, such as Erika Sawajiri, Haruna Kojima, Megumi Sato, Rui Miyazaki, SHELLY, Marie and Erika Ura.[14] Ryoji Fujishita cited that ANGEL EYES is the pioneer of 3Bjunior.[13]

Another early Stardust Promotion idol group was Power Age, that had been established in March 2005 [15]. The group, however, was stationed under Stardust Promotion Entertainment Section 8.[16]

Section 3 started their junior talent activity lessons in around 2006. Their blog in Ameba, Sannen B-Gumi School Girl Blog, was launched on July 6, 2006.[17] Several talents who had been posted first entries of the blog about their activities including Rin Asuka, Rio Yamashita, Yuko Takayama and Runa Yumikawa. The earliest known 3Bjunior group activity was a small karaoke live on August 5, 2006 by Rin Asuka, Haruki Ichikawa, Yuki Takigawa, Rio Yamashita, and Asami Hijiri.[18] The show, which was titled 3-B jr. Mini Event was held in the street of Yoyogi Kouen[19]. Akira Kawakami and Yuichii Fujii, managers from Stardust Promotion Section 3, were sent out to oversee the street event.[20] The group held another 3-B Mini Event at the same place on December 28, 2006 and April 1, 2007 [21]

Stardust Promotion Section 3 held a junior talent recruitment titled "Stardust Entertainment Section 3 Rookie Discovery Audition". The auditions were held at six cities across Japan starting from Sapporo, Hokkaido on August 25, 2007.[22] Some of the new 3Bjunior talents were active in several individual activities, including movie shootings and CM auditions.[23]

In late 2007 the Stardust Section 3 website was updated with a new section exclusively for 3Bjunior. There were 32 members listed on the page, some of which were the future 3Bjunior idol group members, including Tsukina Takai, Reni Takagi, Momoko Kawakami and Hinaki Yano.[24]

2008-2010: Newcomer Training Programs EstablishmentEdit

Momoiro Clover Road Live July 6 2008

Momoiro Clover first street live event.

NatsuSuta Rehearsal

The girls rehearsing for Natsu Suta event.

3Bjunior 2009 Momoka

Momoka, Miyu, Reina and Rika in a rehearsal for Machiawase wa Harajuku de Event

In March 2008, 3Bjunior announced the formation of two groups as their newcomer training program for Stardust Promotion would-be actresses: Momoiro Clover with Reni Takagi, Miyu Wagawa, Manami Ikura, Kanako Momota, Shiori Tamai and Tsukina Takai as the members, and Piecees[25]. that consisted of Narumi Uno, Shiori, Kanon, Hinaki Yano and Momona Natsukawa.[26]

Their first performance was held on May 17, 2008 at Kawasaki Azalea shopping mall in the Stardust Entertainment Section 3 Audition event. Reni was their leader during that time[27]. Rin Asuka and Yuko Takayama also participated as solo singers. May 17 also became established as the anniversary of today Momoiro Clover Z. On July 6, Momoiro Clover held their first street live event on Yoyogi Kouen[28]. The street live event series were meant to teach them the basics of public activities, such as handing out pamphlets and dance lessons, yet then gave an idea to the management to seriously work on their first idol group.[26]

3B-jr. announced their first live concert that was held on August 30, 2008 titled Natsu☆Suta! '08 ~STARDUST section three 3-B Jr. LIVE~ at Astro Hall, Tokyo. The show consisted of performances of 3Bjunior soloists, singing groups, skits, and Momoiro Clover, in a total of 29 members.[29]. Their first limited album, 3-B Jr. Petit Album was being sold in the concert venue in CD-R format.[30]. On December 29, 2008 3Bjunior held another live concert titled 3-B Jr. LIVE: Nenmatsu Da yo! Zenin Shugo in the same venue.[26] This event also marked their first annual year-end live concert and the graduation ceremony of Rin Asuka.[31] . The idol trio Creamy Parfait was also officially announced in this show. The trio consisted of Ikura Manami, Sumire Fujishiro and Naho Kasuga, both Ikura and Sumire were originally members of Momoiro Clover.[26]

2011-2012:Popularity and DevelopmentEdit

2013-2014:Restructuring and DisbandmentEdit

3Bjunior Ore no Fujii Nanairo

Nanairo no Stardust was being performed in Ore no Fujii

Since the idol groups in Stardust Promotion section 3 had reached its popularity rating thanks to Momoiro Clover Z, the managing director Ryoji Fujishita began to think about creating an independent idol department.[6] There were several instances where the girls admitted that they actually wanted to be an actress, since the line between actresses and idols in section 3 was rather blurry.[6]

In November 2013, they unveiled the single Nanairo no Stardust, performed by the members of Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Team Syachihoko, Takoyaki Rainbow, KAGAJO☆4S, Team Daioh Ika and Junior Junior as the first step for this reformation. The single acted as the theme song for 3Bjunior and is claimed as their "first and last single". A compilation album was also announced along with the single, performed by the graduated 3Bjunior members (Momonaki, Creamy Parfait, Rin Asuka and others), the recent 3Bjunior groups (Takoyaki Rainbow and KAGAJO☆4S) and newly formed groups (Team Daioh Ika and Team Hotaru Ika) titled Sutada 3Bjunior Last Daizenshu.[6]

A live event in Green Dome Maebashi was also announced and would be held on January 4, 2014, titled 3Bjunior LIVE FINAL: Ore no Fujii 2014. This was their first live event held in a large venue and the concert DVD being largely available for public. All of the active 3Bjunior groups at that time performed here. The event also marked the disbandment of the rookie training department 3Bjunior and would be reorganized into idol training department 3Bjunior, starting from November 2014. In the end of the event, there's an announcement for the 2015 Fujii that will be held in seven days and will take place in Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo.[32]


Before its reorganization and the establishment of the new 26-member 3Bjunior, 3Bjunior consisted of four main groups: Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Team Syachihoko, Takoyaki Rainbow[33] and three additional groups KAGAJO 4S, Team Daioh Ika and Junior Junior, in a total of 54 members. Tho 54 girls have been featured in Nanairo no Stardust.[34]

Idol Group Members (before 2014 Reorganization)Edit

[v · e · ?]
Kanako Momota Shiori Tamai Ayaka Sasaki Momoka Ariyasu Reni Takagi
Mizuki Rika Mayama Natsu Anno Ayaka Yasumoto Aika Hirota
Mirei Hoshina Hirono Suzuki Rina Matsuno Hinata Kashiwagi
Honoka Akimoto Nao Sakura Yuzu Ando Yuzuki Oguro Haruna Sakamoto
Chiyuri Ito
Towa Narasaki Kurumi Hori Sakura Ayaki Saki Kiyoi Karen Negishi
Mai Haruna
Reina Okuzawa Shiori Odagiri An Fujimoto Ami Uchiyama
Kaho Kobayashi Norika Nagashiro Uran Yu Nakamura Kanon Suzuki
Shiho Hanayama Riko Nakayama
Karin Saito Luna Naito Mao Kunimitsu Mori Aoba Meina
Ruka Shiina Sora Tsukamoto Chiho Takai Arisa Sakura Ayaka Sameshima
Hina Odagaki Yukari Kose Misato Hirase Maari Takami Hikaru Ohira
Shion Ishiguro Aira


The members listed below are Idols, models and actress who was listed in Stardust Section 3's website in the 3Bjunior section, annual magazine-book 3Bjunior Book, School Girl BLOG and who had been took part in 3Bjunior activities, such as limited-time idol groups, annual live concerts and Tokyo Idol Festival events.

Joined before 2007Edit

Name Kanji Talent Group Status Website
Yuki Takikawa滝川結貴Actress3-B Mini Event GroupLeft in 2008link
Rin Asuka飛鳥凛Actress3-B Mini Event GroupGraduated, activelink
Haruki Ichikawa市川春樹Actress3-B Mini Event GroupLeft in 2009link
Momona Natsukawa夏川桃菜ActressPiecees
3Bjunior Team Blue
Left in 2013link
Rio Yamashita山下リオActress3-B Mini Event groupGraduated, activelink
Runa Yumikawa
(Asami Hijiri)
Idol, model3-B Mini Event Group
Momoiro Clover
Left in 2010link
Natsuo夏緒ActressHito Rikko
Wasn't graduated, activelink
Kanon奏音Stage ActressPiecees
Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
Me Star
Fujicco Q.Q
3Bjunior Team Red
Yuko Takayama高山侑子Actress -Graduated, activelink

Joined in 2007Edit

Name Kanji Talent Group Status Website
Yuka Matsumoto松本祐果Model -Left in 2009link
Reira Kurihara
(Yukie Crisp)
Model -Left in 2008link
Mao Inami
(Mao Matsunami)
Actress -Wasn't graduated, activelink
Seira Sakuragi桜木せいらSinger -Wasn't graduated, activelink
Reni Takagi高木れにIdolMomoiro Clover ZGraduated, activelink
Haruka Eto江藤遥Model -Wasn't graduated, activelink
Yuko Araki新木優子Actress -Wasn't graduated, activelink
Miyu Wagawa和川未優Idol, actressMomoiro Clover
Hito Rikko
Left in 2011link
Manami Ikura伊倉愛美Idol, modelMomoiro Clover
Creamy Parfait
Left in 2010link
Yu Aoshima青嶋優Model -Left in 2010link
Aoi Yoshikura
(Aoi Yoshihara)
Model -Wasn't Graduated, activelink
Ozeki Kiharu尾関きはるIdolSKE48Left in 2008link
Tsukina Takai高井つき奈IdolMomoiro Clover
Creamytation Z
Left in 2008
Rejoined in 2010
Left in 2014
Shizune Nagao長尾寧音Model -Graduated, activelink
Aoi Gondo権藤葵Model -Left in 2012link
Emi Fukumoto福本エミActress3-B Mini Event groupLeft in 2012link
Riko Shinzaki新崎莉子Model -Left in 2010link
Ryoka Aoi蒼井涼香Model -Activelink
Momoko Kawakami川上桃子Singer, IdolMomonakiLeft in 2012link
Hinaki Yano矢野妃菜喜IdolPiecees
Hito Rikko
Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
Left in 2012link
Sara Saito斉藤沙良Actress -Left in 2014link
Yuka Yano矢野優花Stage ActressIto WokashiActivelink
YukinoゆきのActress -Left in 2013link

Joined in 2008Edit

Name Kanji Talent Group Status Website
Narumi Uno宇野愛海ActressShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink
Nao Nakamura
(Kokoro Hinata)
Model-Left in 2008link
Miki Motose本瀬ミキActress -Left in 2010link
Kanako Momota百田夏菜子IdolMomoiro Clover ZGraduated, activelink
Mana Konno今野真菜Actress-Left in 2011link
Akari Hayami早見あかりActressMomoiro CloverWasn't graduated, activelink
Shiori Tamai玉井詩織IdolMomoiro Clover Z
Graduated, activelink
Rino Narisawa成澤瑠乃Model-Left in 2009link
Ayami Ishihara石原彩美Model -Left in 2014link
Airi Mitsuki満月あいりStage ActressMaboroshi StrawberryGraduated, left in 2012link
Rika Mayama真山りかIdolShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink
Ruka Shiina椎名るかActress, IdolMinitia BearsLeft in 2013link
Sumire Fujishiro藤白すみれIdol, modelMomoiro Clover
Creamy Parfait
Creamytation Z
Graduated, activelink
Nana Tanikawa谷川菜奈IdolMomonakiLeft in 2014link
Miori Takimoto瀧本美織ActressMaboroshi StrawberryGraduated, activelink
Junya Ikezawa池沢純奈Model -Left in 2010link
Nana Komatsu小松菜奈Actress -Activelink
Yukina Kashiwa柏幸奈Idol Momoiro Clover Z
Left Stardust in 2009link
Naho Kasuga春日南歩IdolCreamy ParfaitLeft in 2012link
Ayaka Sasaki佐々木彩夏IdolMomoiro Clover ZActivelink
Mizuki瑞季IdolMomoiro Clover ZActivelink
Ayaka Yasumoto安本彩花IdolShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink

Joined in 2009Edit

Name Kanji Talent Group Status Website
Yuzuki Kamimura上村柚月Model -Left in 2009link
Maria Tani谷まりあModel -Left in 2013link
Hinata Kirishima桐嶋ヒナタModel -Left in 2013link
Arisa Kuwata桑田ありさActressMaboroshi StrawberryGraduated, left in 2010link
Natsu Anno杏野なつIdol, ActressShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink
Yuzuki Oguro大黒柚姫IdolTeam SyachihokoActivelink
Reina Miyazaki宮﨑れいなIdolShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuLeft in 2012link
Rena Kiritani桐谷レナModel -Left in 2013link
Wakana Hashimoto橋本わかなActressMe StarGraduated, activelink
Yoko Shirakawa白川燿子Model -Left in 2013link
Misaki Hoshii星井美咲Model -Left in 2013link
Rii Tachibana橘里依Model -Left in 2013link
Riri Okamura岡村梨里Model -Activelink
Makoto Shiraishi白石真琴IdolWe Can Girls
Fujicco Q.Q
Left in 2013link
Eri江璃Model -Left in 2013link
Mio Maeda前田澪Actress -Left in 2012link

Joined in 2010Edit

Name Kanji Talent Group Status Website
Satomi Okubo大久保聡美Stage Actress3Bjunior Team RedGraduated, Activelink
Aika Hirota廣田あいかIdolShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink
Yura Komuro小室ゆらActress -Activelink
Akane朱音Actress3Bjunior Team RedLeft Stardust in 2012link
Rena Akatani赤谷玲菜ActressKAGAJO 4SActivelink
Mirei Hoshina星名美怜IdolShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuActivelink
Kana Sakuma佐久間かなActress -Left in 2013link
Suzu Sakuma佐久間すずActress -Left in 2013link
Miku Yokoyama横山未空ActressMinitia BearsActivelink
Karin Saito斎藤夏鈴IdolMinitia Bears
3Bjunior (New Project)
members listed below had been joining Stardust and were transferred from Section 4 as of July 2010 office redevelopment
Arisa愛莉沙Actress -Left in 2012link
Rio Koike小池梨緒ActressMinitia Bears
Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
3Bjunior Team Blue
Ito Wokashi
Hirono Suzuki鈴木裕乃ActressWe Can Girls
Minitia Bears
Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
Honoka Akimoto
(Honoka Kojima)
Team Syachihoko
Nao Tomimitsu冨満奈桜Actress -Left in 2012link
Nao Sakura咲良菜緒IdolTeam SyachihokoActivelink
Rina Matsuno松野莉奈IdolMinitia Bears
Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
Fumi Takizawa滝澤史Actress -Activelink
Mayu Ogawa小川真由ActressMinitia BearsLeft in 2014link
Miki Tsutsumi堤望綺IdolMinitia BearsLeft in 2012link
Haruna Sakamoto坂本遥奈IdolTeam SyachihokoActivelink
Shiori Odagiri小田桐汐里ActressMinitia Bears
Ito Wokashi
Himeka Asami雪代花野ActressMinitia BearsActivelink
Hanano Yukishiro浅見姫香ActressWe Can GirlsActivelink
Shiho志保Model -Wasn't graduated, Activelink
Kai Iwashimizu岩清水華衣Actress -Left in 2010link
Karin Aiba相葉香凛Actress -Wasn't graduated, Activelink
Miku Deguchi出口実空Actress -Left in 2010link
Anri Okamoto岡本杏理Actress -Wasn't graduated, Activelink
Yuina Katagiri片桐結奈Actress -Left in 2011link
Non Watanabe渡辺ノンModel -Left in 2013link
Ayumi Okazaki岡崎歩美Actress3Bjunior Team BlueActivelink
Kanami奏美Model -Left in 2013link
Meika Ichijo一条萌夏Model -Left in 2014link
Hana Komiyama小見山はなActress -Activelink
Natsuki夏希Actress -Left in 2012link
Luna Naito内藤るなIdolMinitia Bears
3Bjunior (New Project)
Sora Tsukamoto塚本颯来IdolMinitia Bears
3Bjunior (New Project)
member listed below had been joining Stardust and was transferred from Section 8 as of July 2010 office redevelopment
Momoka Ariyasu有安杏果IdolMomoiro Clover ZActivelink
members listed below had been joining Stardust and were transferred from Section 10 as of July 2010 office redevelopment
Risa Hosoya細谷理紗Model-Left in 2012link
Momoko Tanabe田辺桃子Actress-Activelink
UranうらんIdolMinitia Bears
3Bjunior (New Project)
members listed below had been joining Stardust and was transferred from Rookie Development Department as of July 2010 office redevelopment
Keiko Wakata脇田恵子Model -Transferred to section 1link
Kelly Annケリー杏Model -Left in 2012link
Kyoko Hinami日南響子Actress -Left in 2014link
Yuzuki Hoshino星野悠月Model -Transferred to section 1link
  • members that left Stardust Promotion are identified by their deleted page on Stardust Section 3's website.
  • members that wasn't graduated means they had reached 18 but there's no graduation ceremonial for them (see below).


Shiori Graduated 3Bjunior

Shiori graduated from 3Bjunior in 2014

Rin Graduated 3Bjunior

3Bjunior first graduate, Rin Asuka

Unlike the term graduation (卒業, sotsugyou) in other idol group businesses, a graduation in 3Bjunior refers to a state when the member hit 18 or finished their high school on March. It more resembles a high school graduation ceremony rather than usual idol graduation. The graduated members still continue their assigned group or individual activities and is still considered as a part of Stardust Section 3. The graduation ceremony was held in their annual live concert. The graduation system is abolished as of 2014 reorganization.[35]

Graduated in 2009:

Graduated in 2010:

Graduated in 2011:

Graduated in 2012:

Graduated in 2013:

Graduated in 2014:


Since January 2010, the department have produced a series of annual magazine photobook (mook) in collaboration with Tokyo News. The publication covers several numbers of their talents, including actresses, models and idols in a single volume entitled 3Bjunior Book.

3Bjunior Book 2010 Winter
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Winter 2010 Cover Miori Takimoto, Arisa Kuwata, Airi Mitsuki, Rio Yamashita, Yuko Takayama, Mao Inami, Reni Takagi, Haruka Eto, Yuko Araki, Miyu Wagawa, Manami Ikura, Runa Yumikawa, Sumire Fujishiro, Kanako Momota, Mana Konno, Ayami Ishihara, Akari Hayami, Wakana Hashimoto, Tamai Shiori, Maria Tani, Natsuo, Junya Ikezawa, Hinata Kirishima, Shizune Nagao, Aoi Gondo, Emi Fukumoto, Kasuga Naho, Nana Komatsu, Riko Shinzaki, Ayaka Sasaki, Ryoka Aoi, Momoko Kawakami, Rika Mayama, Nana Tanikawa, Kanon, Mizuki, Hinaki Yano, Sara Saito, Natsu Anno, Yuzuki Oguro, Reina Miyazaki, Yuka Yano, Narumi Uno, Misaki Hoshii, Ayaka Yasumoto, Momona Natsukawa, Rie Tachibana, Makoto Shiraishi, Momoka Ariyasu Tokyo News Mook Issue #172

Mook: 98 pages
Release date: December 17, 2009
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863360770
ISBN-13: 978-4863360778

3Bjunior Book 2010 Summer
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Summer 2010 Cover Actress: Rio Yamashita, Yuko Takayama, Kyoko Hinami, Anri Okamoto, Shiho, Miyu Wagawa, Karin Aiba, Natsuo Tokyo News Mook Issue #191

Mook: 97 pages
Release date: July 31, 2010
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863361025
ISBN-13: 978-4863361027

Model: Wakita Keiko, Kelly Ann, Aoi Yoshikura, Yuzuki Hoshino, Nana Komatsu, Kanon, Mio Maeda, Risa Hosoya
Idol: Reni Takagi, Kanako Momota, Akari Hayami, Momoka Ariyasu, Shiori Tamai, Ayaka Sasaki, Rika Mayama, Mizuki, Hinaki Yano, Natsu Anno, Reina Miyazaki, Narumi Uno, Hirono Suzuki, Mirei Hoshina, Rio Koike, Sumire Fujishiro, Wakana Hashimoto, Mana Konno, Kasuga Naho, Shizune Nagao, Ryoka Aoi, Ayumi Okazaki, Haori Takahashi
3Bjunior Book 2011 Summer
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Summer 2011 Cover Anri Okamoto, Karin Aiba, Akari Hayami, Kyoko Hinami, Aoi Yoshikura, Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Tsukina Takai, Ayumi Okazaki, Wakana Hashimoto, Natsuo, Nao Aoyama, Haori Takahashi, Mika Ayano, Sumire Fujishiro, momo, Rio Koike, Yuzuki Hoshino, Risa Hosoya, Nana Komatsu, Shizune Nagao, Yuzu Ando, Narumi Uno, Honoka Akimoto, Yano Yuka, Kanon, Mayu Ogawa, Chihiro Ogawa, Mai Nakamura, Makoto Shiraishi, Koharu Watatani, Nao Sakura, Fumi Takizawa, Nana Tanikawa, Asuka Yamagishi, Mayaka Yamanoi, Satomi Okubo Tokyo News Mook Issue #236

Mook: 97 pages
Release date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863361572
ISBN-13: 978-4863361577

3Bjunior Book 2012 Winter
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Winter 2012 Cover Nao Aoyama, Honoka Akimoto, Himeka Asami, Yuzu Ando, Chiyuri Ito, Narumi Uno, Uran, Satomi Okubo, Yuzuki Oguro, Hino Ogasawara, Anri Okamoto, Shiori Odagiri, Kanon, Rio Koike, Sara Saito, Haruna Sakamoto, Nao Sakura, Tsukina Takai, Haori Takahashi, Momoko Tanabe, Miki Tsutsumi, Koharu Nakayo, Yu Nakamura, Natsuo, Towa Narasaki, Wakana Hashimoto, Shiho Hanayama, Akari Hayami, Sumire Fujishiro, An Fujimoto, Risa Hosoya, Alice Misaki, Yuka Yano, Miku Yokoyama, Aoi Yoshikura, Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Tokyo News Mook Issue #324

Mook: 97 pages
Release date: November 30, 2012
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863362757
ISBN-13: 978-4863362758

3Bjunior Book 2013 Summer ~School Life~
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Summer 2013 Cover small>Ryoka Aoi, Nao Aoyama, Himeka Asami, Ami Uchiyama, Narumi Uno, Uran, Satomi Okubo, Ayumi Okazaki, Azusa Okada, Riri Okamura, Mayu Ogawa, Reina Okusawa, Miku Kato, Shiori Odagiri, Kanami, Ai Kiyama, Hinata Kirishima, Mao Kunimitsu, Rio Koike, Kaho Kobayashi, Hana Komiyama, Karin Saito, Rena Shirakawa, Kanon Suzuki, Saya Daio, Tsukina Takai, Saki Takahashi, Haori Takahashi, Rie Tachibana, Momoko Tanabe, Nana Tanigawa, Maria Tani, Kanami Tsujino, Runa Naito, Shizune Nagao, Norika Nagashiro, Koharu Nakayo, Yu Nakamura, Riko Nakayama, Natsuo, Kanon Nanaki, Towa Narasaki, Mei Norimine, Shiho Hanayama, Mai Haruna, An Fujimoto, Miley, Alice Misaki, Mayu Motose, Yuka Yano, Mayaka Yamanoi, Hanano Yukishiro, Miku Yokoyama, Raimu, Rea, Momoiro Clover Z (Ayaka Sasaki and Shiori Tamai), Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Team Syachihoko. Tokyo News Mook Issue #368

Mook: 102 pages
Release date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863363281
ISBN-13: 978-4863363281

3Bjunior Book 2014 Summer ~3Bjunior no Natsuyasumi~
Cover Featured Members Information
3Bjunior Book Summer 2014 Cover Nao Aoyama, Rena Akatani, Airi Sayanaga, Natsu Anno, Riko Ueda, Narumi Uno, Rurika Uno, Azusa Okada, Riri Okamura, Shiori Odagiri, Ai Kiyama, Rio Koike, Kanon Koide, Hitoka Sakai, Arisa Sakura, Anju Sakurai, Aika Sano, Ayaka Sameshima, Rena Shirakawa, Sakura Sugiura, Saya Daio, Rinka Takaoka, Saki Takahashi, Momoko Tanabe, Kanami Tsujino, Mako Nagasaka, Koharu Nakaya, Kanon, Mei Norimine, Kiina Haruno, An Fujimoto, Miley, Alice Misaki, Mizuki, Meina, Mayu Motose, Yuka Yano, Hanano Yukishiro, Miku Yokoyama, Raimu, Rea, Momoiro Clover Z (Ayaka Sasaki, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Team Syachihoko, Takoyaki Rainbow. Tokyo News Mook Issue #436

Mook: 113 pages
Release date: July 30, 2014
Publisher: Tokyo News Service
ISBN-10: 4863364164
ISBN-13: 978-4863364165

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