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Momoiro Clover Z - 5th Dimension (Regular Edition, KICS-1899) cover

Album by Momoiro Clover Z
Release Date April 10, 2013
Genre J-Pop
Format CD, Album
Label Starchild Records

Momoiro Clover Z Album Chronology

Previous: Battle and Romance 1st Abum

ももいろクローバーZ「Neo STARGATE」MV07:07

ももいろクローバーZ「Neo STARGATE」MV

Neo Stargate (MV)

ももいろクローバーZ「BIRTH Ø BIRTH」MV05:30



5th Dimension is the second album of Momoiro Clover Z. It was released on April 10, 2013 under Starchild Records. The album was released on three editions: Limited A, Limited B and Regular. The Limited A edition included a second CD with a recorded live tracks from their Momoiro Yobanashi Dai-ichi Ya: Hakushuu live concert, the Limited B edition included a DVD with two music videos and the regular edition is CD-only.

The album debuted at number 1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, selling 180,282 copies in the first week.



  2. Kasou Dystopia (仮想ディストピア, Virtual Dystopia)
  3. Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dai Nana Gakushou: Mugen no Ai (猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛)
  4. 5 the POWER
  5. Roudou Sanka (労働讃歌, Labor Hymn)
  6. Get Down! (ゲッダーン!)
  7. Otome Sensou (Z女戦争, Girls War)
  8. Tsuki to Gingami Hikousen (月と銀紙飛行船, The Moon and the Silver-paper Airship)
  10. Joukyuu Monogatari -Carpe Diem- (上球物語 -Carpe diem- Story of Going to the Earth -Carpe Diem-)
  11. Soratobu! Ozashiki Ressha (宙飛ぶ!お座敷列車 Fly! Ozashiki Train)
  12. Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo (サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ Farewell, My Dear Sorrows)
  13. Hai to Diamond (灰とダイヤモン, Ashes and Diamonds)
  • Limited A Bonus CD

Live CD containing the first part of the Momoiro Yobanashi Dai-ichi Ya "Hakushū" concert, held at Zepp Tokyo on November 17, 2012

  1. "Cosmos" (秋桜 Kosumosu) ~ (Ayaka Sasaki)
  2. "Hatsukoi" (初恋) ~ (Kanako Momota)
  3. "Namidame no Alice" (涙目のアリス Namidame no Arisu) ~ (Shiori Tamai)
  4. "Arigatō no Present" (ありがとうのプレゼント Arigatō no Purezento) ~ (Momoka Ariyasu)
  5. "Tsugaru Hantō Tappizaki" (津軽半島竜飛崎) ~ (Reni Takagi)
  6. "Erimomisaki" (襟裳岬) ~(Reni Takagi)
  7. "Datte Ārinnandamōn" (だって あーりんなんだもーん☆) ~ (Ayaka Sasaki)
  8. "Taiyō to Ekubo" (太陽とえくぼ) ~ (Kanako Momota)
  9. "Shōjo Ningyō" (少女人形) ~ (Shiori Tamai)
  10. "Nagori Yuki" (なごり雪) (Momoka Ariyasu with Minami Kōsetsu) (南こうせつ?)
  11. "Kandagawa" (神田川) (Momoiro Clover Z with Minami Kōsetsu(
  12. "Ano Subarashī Ai o mō Ichi Do" (あの素晴しい愛をもう一度) (Momoiro Clover Z with Minami Kōsetsu)
  • Limited B Bonus DVD
  1. Neo STARGATE music video
  2. BIRTH Ø BIRTH music video

Album InformationEdit

Featured MembersEdit

Chart PositionsEdit


MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
x 1 1  1  1  1  2  1        180,282
1 6  3  4  4  6  3  4       19,988
3 17   8   5  5  5  5   7         8,622
6 12  11  11  8  8  11  13       5,724
7 22 17  15  17  14  20  20        2,708
8 33 27 27 23 17 31        1,902
14 46 41 38 32 21 24  38         1,675
21 - - - 47 45 48 59        1,341
35 x x  x  x  x  x  84        950
x x  x  x  x  x  x  84        799
x x   x   x   x   x   x   111        698
x x  x  x  x  x  x  157        735
x x x  x  x  x  x  158       593
x x  x  x  x  x  x  146       565
x x   x   x   x   x   x  185        466
x x  x  x  x  x  x  209        461
x x x  x  18 4 45  36        2,854
24 x  x  x  x  x  x  x        x,xxx
  • Weekly Sales:
  • Monthly reported rank April: 1
  • Monthly Reported Sales April: 214,616
  • Monthly reported rank May: 40
  • Monthly reported sales May: 7,626
  • Yearly Reported Sales: 235,431
  • Yearly reported position: 22
  • Total Reported Sale: 235,431


The Outfits worn on the cover of the album are incredibly similar to San Francisco-based designer Elena Slivnyak of Project Runway.[1].

Slivnyak wrote on Facebook:

"To all IIMUAHII fans, especially the ones in Japan, I want to make an official announcement that the Momoiro Clover Z, 5th Dimension costumes were based on my concept and design from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. King Records was given permission and the go ahead by me to do so. P

Further more, I'm very excited to announce that there will be a future collaboration on costuming between IIMUAHII and Momoiro Clover Z. I want to thank all of my fans from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support. Without you there would be no IIMUAHII."



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