Kimi sae Ireba from LOCO MACK (君さえいれば from LOCO MACK) is momonaki's first indie single. The single was released on May 22, 2009. The single was only sold at Lawson convenience stores in Hokkaidou. However, the single could be ordered from any Lawson Loppi location in Japan starting in 2010. Prior to the CD's release, the a cappella version of the single was released as a free ringtone in December of 2008. Despite the lack of any promotion whatsoever, the ringtone was downloaded over 10,000 times.[1]


Background and Promotion Information (Focus on the title song and the single as a whole).

Track ListEdit

  1. Kimi sae Ireba from LOCO MACK (君さえいれば from LOCO MACK - Translation) [4:32]
  2. Kimi sae Ireba from LOCO MACK A Cappella ver. (君さえいれば from LOCO MACK アカペラ ver. - Translation) [4:02]

Song InformationEdit

Kimi sae Ireba from LOCO MACK

  • Info
  • Cover of LOCO MACK's "Kimi sae Ireba".
  • Lyrics: Name (LOCO MACK・琴織)
  • Composer: LOCO MACK
  • Arranger: Ken Harada

Kimi sae Ireba from LOCO MACK A Cappella ver.

  • Info
  • A cappella version of the title track.
  • Lyrics: Name (LOCO MACK・琴織)
  • Composer: Name (Japanese Name)
  • Arranger: Name (Japanese Name)

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Chart Positions and Certification InformationEdit


Never charted


Peak Position: Never charted


The single is not certified by the RIAJ.

Title Song InformationEdit

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Japanese TextEdit


Title Song AppearancesEdit


  • Show Name (Japanese Text). TV Channel. [Date or Dates]




  • Event 1 (Japanese Text). [Date or Dates]


  • The original song by LOCO MACK won the music award from the online music distribution site "" in 2008. The song was selected from a pool of over 3000 songs.[1]
  • The single's cover image is based off of the LISTEN! collaboration.


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