Maimai from Takoyaki Rainbow

まいまい from たこやきレインボー

Professional Status
Years Active

2014 - present

Associated Acts

Takoyaki Rainbow

Maimai from Takoyaki Rainbow (まいまい from たこやきレインボー), is Mai Haruna's unofficial soloist act.

She only has one song so far, named Maicchingu☆Maimai Magic (まいっちんぐ☆まいまいマジック)

Details Edit

She first performed her song Maicchingu☆Maimai Magic on September 28th 2014, during Takoniji's Club QUATTRO One Man Live. This song also has a studio recording but whether or not it will be released is unknown.

Song information Edit

Maicchingu☆Maimai Magic (まいっちんぐ☆まいまいマジック)

Trivia Edit

  • Fellow members Karen and Sakura were there during the recording


    The recording of Maicchingu☆Maimai Magic

♫ まいっちんぐ☆まいまい マジック 歌詞付き04:23

♫ まいっちんぐ☆まいまい マジック 歌詞付き

Maicchingu☆Maimai Magic (LIVE)

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