All Stars 2012

Album by Momoiro Cloverz

Released 4,21,2012
Genre J-Pop
Format CD,
Recorded 2012
Producer NAME
Momoiro CloverZ Albums Chronology

Momoclo★All Stars 2012 (ももクロ★オールスターズ2012) is a special album released by Momoiro Clover Z. It was sold first atMomoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2012 ~Yokohama Arena Masaka no 2 DAYS~ on the 21st and 22nd of April 2012. and then released on April 22 2012.


Regular EditionEdit

  1. Nagisa no Lalala (渚のラララ)` ~Momota Kanako Momota Kanako with The Wild Ones
  2. Namidame no Alice (涙目のアリス) ~ Tamai Shiori
  3. Aarin wa Hankouki! (あーりんは反抗期!) ~ Sasaki Ayaka
  4. Kyouiku (教育) ~ Ariyasu Momoka with ZAINICHI FUNK
  5. Tsugaru Hantou Tappizaki (津軽半島龍飛崎) ~Tagaki Reni
  6. Single Bed wa Semai no Desu (シングルベッドはせまいのです) ~ MomoTamai (Momota Kanako & Tamai Shiori) -
  7. Jimusho ni Osare Tai (Ariyasu Momoka & Tagaki Reni) - Jimusho ni Motto Osaretai (事務所にもっと推され隊)
  8. Nagisa no Lalala (渚のラララ) ~ Off Vocal Version
  9. Namidame no Alice (涙目のアリス) ~ Off Vocal Version
  10. Aarin wa Hankouki! (あーりんは反抗期!) ~ Off Vocal Version
  11. Kyouiku (教育)~ Off Vocal Version
  12. Tsugaru Hantou Tappizaki (津軽半島龍飛崎 )~ Off Vocal Version
  13. Single Bed wa Semai no Desu (シングルベッドはせまいのです) ~ Off Vocal Version
  14. Jimusho ni Motto Osaretai (事務所にもっと推され隊) ~ Off Vocal Version

Album InformationEdit

  1. Single name
    • Lyric:
    • Music:
    • Arrangement:
  2. Single name
    • Lyric:
    • Music:
    • Arrangement:
  3. Single name
  • Lyric:
  • Music:
  • Arrangement:

Featured MembersEdit

Kanako Momota
Tamai Shiori
Ayaka Sasaki
Momoka Ariyasu
Reni Takagi

Oricon PositionEdit

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
x x x x x x x x xx,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x xxx

  • Weekly Sales:
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