Momoclo Shiren 1 Cover
Momoclo Chan Presents: Momoiro Clover Z Shiren no Nanaban Shoubu

ももクロChan Presents 「ももいろクローバーZ 試練の七番勝負」

Performance Date

April 11 - April 17, 2011


Talk Event


Tokyo Kinema Club, Tokyo
Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (7th Day)



DVD/Blu-Ray Information
Release Date

January 25, 2012

Catalogue Number


Number of Disc



¥15750 (DVD-Box)

Momoclo Chan Presents: Momoiro Clover Z Shiren no Nanaban Shoubu (ももクロChan Presents 「ももいろクローバーZ 試練の七番勝負」, Momoiro Clover Z Seven Battles of Ordeal) is a series of talk event of Momoiro Clover Z with various important figures from different backgrounds. The event was held on April 11 to April 17, 2011, just only one day after Akari Hayami's graduation concert.

The entire event was documented within three DVD releases in a DVD-Box set that released on January 25, 2012 under King Records. The event was popular enough to be followed by same talk event series in 2012 and 2013.


To overcome the withdrawal of Akari Hayami, biggest turning point of Momoiro Clover at that time, the girl was assigned into a series of talk battle event in a full week with various important figures. The event was for deepening the strength of "Z" with the goal to learn something and think for themselves. Their manager Akira Kawakami didn't want the members to be the kind of group that only do what they're told.[1][2]

The event was first announced in final concert of Momoclo Shinshun Spectacular Tour Mirai Bowl ga Yattekita on March 6, 2011 in Zepp Tokyo.[1] The talk event featured guests from various field including comedian Shinya Arino, business consultant Tetsuo Kaneko, professional wrestler Keiji Mutoh, singer songwritter Ichiro Mizuki among others. The entire talk events took place at Tokyo Kinema Club and Ryota Yamazato acted as the host and moderator.

In the 6th day of the talk event with Ichiro Mizuki, they made a surprise announcement of their first album (Battle and Romance), two accompanying singles (Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~ and D' no Junjou) and a national wide tour in Zepp music halls titled Momoclo Fantastic Tour 2011 Z de Ikutte Kimetanda Z!!. Those were the first three announcements they made after their name change.[3]


The topics and guests for the talk event is different for each day, except in the last day which is a participation in a live concert with 9mm Parabellum Bullet. Each day is titled with a different theme and referred as a VS match (as in the wrestling matches).

Date Match Title Guest(s) Occupation Host(s)
April 11, 2011 VS. Variety
(VS. バラエティ)
Shinya Arino (Yoiko) comedian, variety show experts Ryota Yamazato
April 12, 2011 VS. Money
(VS. お金)
Tetsuo Kaneko journalist, price analyst, business consultant Ryota Yamazato, Shigeki Kiyone
Hidetomi Tanaka economist
April 13, 2011 VS. America
(VS. アメリカ)
Dave Spector American TV personality Ryota Yamazato
April 14, 2011 VS. Pro Wrestling
(VS. プロレス)
Keiji Mutoh professional wrestler Ryota Yamazato
April 15, 2011 VS. Profiling
(VS. プロファイリング)
Go Yoshida professional reviewer and columnist Ryota Yamazato
April 16, 2011 VS. Anisong
(VS. アニソン)
Ichiro Mizuki Anime song singer-songwritter Ryota Yamazato
April 17, 2011 VS. Rock
(VS. ロック)
A participation in the Zanzibar Night in Ya-On 2011 live event with rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet


Ichiro Mizuki Teach Z

Ichiro Mizuki taught how to do Z pose properly in the 6th day

The official book was published on September 30, 2011 titled "Momoclo Chan Presents: Momoiro Clover Z Shiren no Juuban Shoubu" (『ももクロChan』Presents 試練の十番勝負 週末ヒロイン ももいろクローバーZ」,Momoiro Clover Z Ten Battles of Ordeal) published by Ohta Publishing. The book summarized the entire seven days and three additional matches:[4]

  • VS. Adult (VS. 大人) with their manager Akira Kawakami
  • VS. Production (VS.演出) with their stage producer Atsunori Sasaki)
  • VS. Leader (VS.リーダー) with the idol group S/mileage leader Ayaka Wada
Momoclo Chan Presents: Momoiro Clover Z Shiren no Juuban Shoubu
Cover Contents Information
Momoclo Shiren Book Cover Complete documentary of Shiren no Nanaban Shoubu Event with three additional matches. Tokyo News Mook Issue #172

Book: 168 pages
Release date: September 30, 2011
Publisher: Ohta Publishing
ISBN-10: 4778312805
ISBN-13: 978-4778312800


  • The event name is a homage to professional wrestler Jumbo Tsuruta event in All Japan Pro Wrestling between 1976 and 1979 titled Jumbo Tsuruta Shiren no Juuban Shoubu (ジャンボ鶴田試練の十番勝負, Jumbo Tsuruta Ten Battles of Ordeals)



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