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Nissan Stadium 2014 4

Shiori 2014 Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium 2014 2

Momoka 2014 Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium 2014 Arin

Ayaka 2014 Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium 2014 3

Reni 2014 Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium 2014

Kanako 2014 Nissan Stadium

Momoiro Clover Z did a live concert for Two days July 26 and 27 2014 in Kanagawa at Nissan Stadium. They had about 200 traditional Japanese guest performers and several special guests as well. Day One was warm and sunny but Day Two there was rain and so much lightning strikes that the stadium had to be evacuated. However the fans were allowed to re-enter to wait in the rain for at least an extra hour before the decision was made to start. Kanako declared to the audience that with their help they had the power to stop the rain. At the end of their first song Ameno Tajikarawo the rain stopped and there was a rainbow.

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