Momokuri Regular Cover
Single by Momoiro Clover


Release Date

December 24, 2010






King Records

Catalogue Number


Singles Chronology

Pinky Jones
(2nd Major Single)


Mirai Bowl / Chai Maxx
(3rd Major Single)

Momokuri (ももクリ) is the first limited single of Momoiro Clover. It's also their first annual christmas single, being issued only in the Momoiro Christmas in Nippon Seinenkan ~Dappi: DAPPI~ concert venue on December 24, 2010. Only one song is recorded by Momoiro Clover in this single, while the others are covers of other artists.

All of the songs in this single are included in the indie compilation album Iriguchi no Nai Deguchi.


1. Kimi Yuki (きみゆき, Going to You)
2. Believe
3. Words of the mind -brandnew journey-
4. Saikyou Pare Parade (最強パレパレード, Strongest Para Parade)

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Oricon PositionsEdit

This single didn't charted in the oricon.


  • This is the only single where the title doesn't correspond its side A track (Kimi Yuki).
  • There's no off vocal version version available in this single.


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