Directed by

Tetsuya Mariko

Written by

Yasutomo Chikuma

Release Date

June 11, 2011




Masaru Miyazaki
Takashi Yamanaka
Momoiro Clover

Momoclo NINIFUNI Promo

Momoiro Clover promoting NINIFUNI

NINIFUNI is an indie short film starring Masaru Miyazaki and Momoiro Clover.[1] The movie was directed by an indie filmmaker Tetsuya Mariko and co-written with fellow indie filmmaker Yasutomo Chikuma. The film was released on June 11, 2011 at the limited screenings in Tokyo Teather Shinjuku.[2] The movie was released nationwide on February 2012.[3]


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Tanaka, a man lives in the countryside, breaks into a game arcade with his friend Kato, rob the safe and runs away with the store owner's car. After straying on a highway route, he finally ends up a lonesome beach. A few days later, the idol group Momoiro Clover, visits the beach for their music video shoot, and find his car in the bush.

The film takes its inspiration from a real-life case of a young man who kills himself after being involved in a violent robbery.



  • The music video being worked at in the film is Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo despite the said song has been released for a year at the time of the filming. The actual music video doesn't take place in a beach either.
  • The film is released three months after Momoiro Clover changed its name into Momoiro Clover Z, making it the last film to feature Akari Hayami.



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