Sutada Cover
Sutada 3Bjunior Last Daizenshu
Album by 3Bjunior


Release Date

January 1, 2014


CD (2 Discs)




Stardust Records

Catalogue Number

KICS-91678, KICS-91679 (Limited)
KICS-1678 (Regular)

Album Chronology

3-B Jr. Petit Album (1st Album)



Sutada 3Bjunior Last Daizenshu (スタダ3Bjuniorラスト大全集) is the second compilation album of 3Bjunior. It was released under Stardust Records on January 1, 2014 on the same day as Nanairo no Stardust released.

There are 7 new recorded songs and total of 25 songs compiled in this album. The album came with a 40-pages booklet. The album charted #7 in the Oricon Weekly Chart.


The album compiles both released and unreleased songs from past 3Bjunior groups, such as momonaki, creamy♥parfait, Sanbu JAPAN, Chocola Nantoka? and Fujicco Q.Q. The selected units: Team Daioh Ika, Team Hotaru Ika, Takoyaki Rainbow and KAGAJO 4S also recorded new songs.

With the exception of Momoiro Clover's song, all the songs from 3-B Jr. Petit Album is also compiled in this album.


  • Disc 1:
  1. One Love*
  2. Chocolate Burning*
  3. Diving* (ダイビング)
  4. Fujicco QQQ no Theme* (ふじっこQQQのテーマ, Fujicco QQQ's Theme)
  5. Kaeshite! Kneesocks (かえして!ニーソックス, Give it back! Kneesocks)
  6. Angel★Magic (エンジェル★マジック)
  7. Kuchibiru (くちびる, Lips)
  8. Dakishimete Jealousy (抱きしめてジェラシー, Jealousy Embrace)
  9. Koisuru Otomegokoro (恋するオトメゴコロ, Girl's Heart in Love)
  10. Dream Wave
  11. Que Quiero Sera (ケ・キエロ・セラ)

Disc 2:

  1. Sanbu Japan Ouen Uta* (三部 JAPAN 応援歌, Sanbu JAPAN Fight Song)
  2. Baby Lotion Z* (ベビーローションZ)
  3. Minitia Ouen uta* (みにちあ応援歌, Minitia Fight Song)
  5. Hitori Janai yo (ひとりじゃないよ, You are not Alone)
  6. VOICE
  7. Rainy Day
  8. Hey Mr.DJ (for super generation)
  9. Kimi Sae Ireba from LOCO MACK (君さえいれば from LOCO MACK, If you Were Here from LOCO MACK)
  11. Peach Peach ~Momomomou Sou Momomo no Uchi~
  12. Fallin' Snow
  13. Kyoshitsu (教室, Classroom)

* = newly recorded song

Album InformationEdit

  • Kaeshite! Kneesocks
  • Hey Mr.DJ (for super generation)
    • Performed by momonaki
    • momonaki's second single.
    • Original Music and Lyrics:BARR ABDULLAH R
    • Translation: Kaoru Maekawa
  • Peach Peach ~Momomomou Sou Momomo no Uchi~
    • Performed by momo
    • Originally intended to be released at momo's first live. First published in her youtube channel.
    • Lyrics, Composer and Arrangement: Koji Miyashita
  • Kyoshitsu
    • Performed by Momo × yusukeP feat.Hatsune Miku
    • momonaki's 4th single.
    • Lyrics: yusukeP and Dango
    • Composer and Arrangement: yusukeP

Chart PositionsEdit


MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
x 2 5 8 11 4 24 7 9,765
23 - x x x x 24 x x,xxx
23 - - - - - 29 x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x xxx

  • Weekly Sales:
  • Monthly Reported Sales:
  • Yearly Reported Sales:
  • Total Reported Sale:


  • Momoiro Clover Z (sans Shiori Tamai), Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku and Team Syachihoko members are shown in the album cover even though they aren't present in any of the songs.
  • At 25 tracks, this is the album in the entire 3Bjunior group discography with most tracks.
  • Fuuka Yuzuki or Momoko Kawakami from momonaki and with her alias momo is the member with most appearances in this album (10 out of 25).

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