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Towa Narasaki



Towachan (とわちゃん)


February 21, 2000


Osaka, Japan

Professional Status

Takoyaki Rainbow (2012-2014)

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Naniwa no Shaolin Shoujo (浪花の少林少女 , Shaolin Girl from Naniwa)



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Takoyaki Rainbow Blog (Ameba)

Towa Narasaki (奈良崎とわ) is a model represented by Stardust Promotion. She is a former member of Takoyaki Rainbow and a former member of Stardust Section 3's 3Bjunior. Her official member color was Red.


  • Nickname: Towachan
  • Birth date: February 21, 2000 (2000-02-21) (age 18)
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Blood type: -
  • Height: -
  • Hobby: Reading, Tomato gardening
  • Specialties: Swimming, playing piano
  • Associated Acts: Takoyaki Rainbow (2012-2014)
  • Image Color: Red

Member NotesEdit

Towa Kempo

Shorinji Kempo

"Fist of heaven and earth 4th form stance! I will give everyone the kick of love! I'm the Shaolin Girl of Naniwa, Towa Narasaki!" — Introduction
(天地拳第四系 構え!みんなに届け 愛の蹴り!浪速の少林少女 奈良崎とわです!)
  • She was the original leader of Takoyaki Rainbow. After her graduation on June 8, 2014 Hori Kurumi took the title.
  • Narasaki is her stage name, her real name is Towa Funehiki (船引とわ).[1][2]
  • She is a practitioner of Shorinji Kempo, a martial arts equivalent to Shaolin Kung Fu. Her gimmicks revolves around this.
  • She respected Kanako Momota of Momoiro Clover Z and decided to pick the red color because she wanted to be like her senior.[3]
  • She is scouted by the management instead of passed in an audition. She was 5 at that time.
  • She refers to herself in the third person.


Towa Graduation

Towa graduation event

Towa was scouted around 5 when a staff member of Stardust Promotion going on a business trip. She originally wanted to become model and had been engaged in various modeling activities. [4] In 2013, she won the grand prix event of Nakayoshi Magazine's Naka Girl 2013.

She eventually become idol after she asked to do so. At first she turned it down because she can't dance, but then she thought it was fun when she went to a dance lesson.[4]

On March 16, 2014, she announced her graduation because of her academic priority. The graduation took place in their free live event at Osaka Nanko ATC Seaside Stage on June 8, 2014.

Discography Participated inEdit

Indie Singles



  • [2013.03.01] Nakayoshi
  • [2013.01.25] Miracle Kawaii! Sashin no Utsurikata & Torikata Master
  • [2012.12.28] Nakayoshi
  • [2012.11.29] Shogakukan Mook: Chuugakusei Start Book 2013
  • [2012.07.14] Girls★Stage Vol.2
  • [2012.02.28] Girls☆Stage


  • Unlike the other talents of Stardust Promotion, her height and blood type aren't published on the management's official site.
  • She has dimples like her red counterparts in Momoiro Clover Z, Kanako Momota.
  • Normally, a graduated member of 3Bjunior idol groups will continue their activities in 3Bjunior until she hits 18. Towa, however, doesn't take a part on the annual yearbook 3Bjunior Book 2014 ~3Bjunior no Natsuyasumi~.



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