unBORDE (アンボルデ) is a Japanese record label established on December 21, 2010 as a sublabel of Warner Music Japan. The label is currently led by Ryoma Suzuki, RIP SLYME's producer. Team Syachihoko signed under this record label.


unBORDE is derived from spanish un borde which means edgy or boundary line and described as the label where unique and strong characters artists belongs to and don't restrict themselves to one music genre, such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.[1]

The record label held their anniversary event titled unBORDE Xmas PARTY every year.

History with Team SyachihokoEdit

In the summer of 2012, Team Syachiohoko participated in a nationwide concert series titled "HMV Idol Gakuen presents Nihon Jyuudan Idol Ranbu 2012", appearing at two concerts: on August 10 in Nagoya and on August 23 in Tokyo. During the August 10 performance, the group announced that it would soon release its first major-label single, on October 31 on the unBORDE (Warner Music Japan record label). The single was labeled the "Nagoya major-debut single" and was supported by a concert tour across the city of Nagoya.[8] On September 2, at the first concert of the tour, the group appeared in stage costumes looking like bowling uniforms and unveiled the title song of the upcoming single, titled The Stardust Bowling.[2]

Artist roosterEdit

Former artists Edit

  • androp
  • Kusuo
  • Q;indivi+
  • Natsuko Kondo
  • Band Janai Mon!
  • The Beatmoss
  • MEG
  • Passepied (Transferred to Atlantic Records Japan)


  • Team Syachihoko released a song that references the record label titled Onegai! unBORDE.



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