Alright, so i have been doing some edits and i was using multiple sources. I found this momoiro profile and almost started to swear. i don't think we should have all that info and the lists under each year and type and long.

I want to know, how do i create one of those multi-tab things with a scroll bar. I am lost and don't know how to insert it.

random questions

  • Section 3 artists, Talents and auditions, are these going to be added.
  • Bullet Train/ Super Express/ (whatever its English name is), Should i add them if i am doing other Section 3 groups (I like this group. The english translated name just confuses me)
  • If i add^^ them do i do all the other guy groups in Stardust or just stick to Femal Momo-related
  • I don't understand the whole Birthday template.
  • Do i have to edit the main page every time there is going to be a new release/ Someones birthday or is there a way the wiki automatically doing it?

Note: I am horrifying at spelling and grammar, feel free to edit any page.

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